“Larry has managed my apartment properties for over 10 years, communication and understanding are excellent. I can’t say enough about the staff. I highly recommend their service to anyone in need of a very reliable and credible management company.”

~ Renee

“I bought my 8 unit apartment building in 2012 through Larry. It was being managed by a large property management company. A lot of things were falling through the cracks so I turned the building over to Larry to manage. Within 90 days my vacancy went down and my income went up! That’s the difference between having someone who owns his own units managing your building and someone who doesn’t own units managing your building. Thanks again Larry!”

~ Bill S.

“I have managed my own properties for many years, and I was getting tired of doing it. Since Larry started managing my apartments, Larry’s maintenance people has kept my building well cared for and the financial system Larry uses has made it easier to collect rents.

~ Bob S.

“I can’t recommend Larry and his team enough. I have had nothing but complete satisfaction with their services. I have been especially pleased with their prompt maintenance services, and have used them on my personal residence! Their selection of renters has been excellent, much better than when I tried to rent for myself. CCI is a quality firm and I highly recommend them for any type of property management. ”

~ John M.

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